Thursday, September 13, 2012

Down with Dallas

I was sooooo excited for this trip to Dallas. I have been looking forward to it for two months. Before I left Los angeles I had a gut instinct that I should stay home and forget the silly infatuation. But being naive as I am I ignored it and was on my way to Dallas. The first night I got into Dallas I was already regretting coming out here. My sister flaked on me and the one person I was excited to see was blowing me off.  I sucked it up and got my ass to work... Trick after trick were calling me but saying my rate was too expensive! WTF?!?!? So as I am cruising through the ads in Dallas I see all the bum bitches doing $60 dates..... Frustrated and annoyed I stuck with my regular rate because I know I will have a better clientele with my regular rate. Work came slowly but it was worth it. The next day I had a slow work day and needed to get out of my hotel room so I hit up a local guy and we went out to the bars in Cedar springs. We ended up at S4 where we watched the drag show which was pretty awful with a few exceptions. After the bar I came back and hung out and ended up passing out still super disappointed. The next day I was ready to head home when things took a change for the better. Work picked up and I got the text message I had been long awaiting. The day couldn't go by fast enough. I went out that night to JR's in Cedar springs and watched another drag review. After the show I went back to my hotel room restless and anxious. Finally he was here! The long awaited affection had me giddy. Even then something felt off! Crazy I had traveled so far for THIS!?! I enjoyed our time together but none the less was left feeling less than satisfied. Like I said sex is great but I can get good sex at home.... So I was left with yet another false hope. Again I waited patiently and NOTHING....  So Silly and Naive I was to think that he would be any different then other guys. So I came to the conclusion to let it go. Let go of any thought of finding someone who is deserving of my time and affection. It was my last disappointment. The last time I give someone the benefit of the doubt. If it's not about getting paid or a booty call of my choosing then I am not going to be bothered. The matters of the heart are too delicate to be toyed with and my heart is too sensitive.  However I did channel my frustration into getting my site up and going Check it out!

Honey FoXXX

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  1. I never flaked on you, Amaya. I explained to you that my doctor had put me on bed rest due to complications with my pregnancy and we didnt have the money to make that trip. We were catching up on bills, taking care of our daughter who was sick and my husband was working long hours so he couldnt make the trip. Unfortunately, some people cant drop everything that is going on to do what someone else wants them to do. We have a family to take care of and responsibilities we cannot overlook. Our daughters are our first priority, that includes Haileigh's safety while inside my womb. Im sorry if by taking care of my family and doing what is best for them is considered "flaking on you" but thats how it will always be. My children are my world. Dont think i will not stand up for myself after you try to put me on blast.