Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giving Thanks

Well here is my long over due update! To be honest I had lost my inspiration to keep up with this blog as I thought no one would care to hear what I had to say..... You guys definitely proved me wrong. I would like to give a special shout out to those who wrote to me giving me my inspiration. The love and support is truly appreciated!

So whats new  you ask?!?! Well I have been working working working! I have done some traveling here and there! My most recent trip was to Texas and the east coast. I went to Texas for my sisters wedding and man what an experience! A positive experience though as I got to spend time with family and friends as well as making some new friends.

After Texas I spent a few days in New York and Boston working and had a great time..... When I got back home it was back to my 9-5 for me. So I got settled in and have done a few porn shoots here and there.

As far as my love life..... well since my last update, (here comes the Juicy Gossip)  I was dating for a while and had the occasional booty call which always blows my mind.... But I started to feel empty. Sex is great
(don't get me wrong) but I needed to feel loved. So I have put it out for the universe to know that I am ready for love. Not necessarily looking but definitely open to it! I am still dating here and there and even met someone ( in Dallas) who I think I might be infatuated with. But until I find "The One" I'm sure there will be a few more lucky guys to get the chance to share my company.

some of my new work has come out! you can find my new scenes on TSPussyHunters, BlackTgirls where I am model of the week, shemale idol for a scene I did with Ts Jane Marie.

The pics attached below are all from whats happened since my last update! Well loves I hope you enjoy this and know that there will be more updates to come.
 Thanks for the Love and Support
Your always
Honey FoXXX


  1. Honey, thanks for the update! Good to know you're keeping busy and having fun. Hey are those new tattoos?? And damn girl, how do you stay so slim eating at McDonald's? I hope you know how lucky you are... :)

    1. Yes I have a new Buddha tattoo... I eat Mc Donalds very rarely! and I work out a lot But I appreciate the support xoxoxo