Monday, August 31, 2015

Long Time No Chat

Hey Loves,

Its been way too long since I've updated this blog! I thought I would fill you in on all the juicy details and catch up....... So It's been a little over a year since I've updated this.  Crazy how time flies! Well as you know I was dating this older man for several years. That was a great learning experience. I was so consumed with the sex industry (porn and escorting) that I had lost sight of who I really was. So I had taken some time out of the industry and came back better then ever. Well fast forward to the last year we spent half of it in couples counseling because we were having major issues in our relationship. I didn't want to stop doing porn and he was proving more and more to be a closet case. So we eventually broke it off and I can honestly say that it was one of the happiest moments that I had in a long time. I got closure and was ready to move on with my life. Not too long after that I had opened myself up to start seeing this guy who just kinda came out of left field. For any of you follow my social media (instagram/ twitter) have seen him! I also rescued another lil pup. she is a Corgi, Chihuahua mix. Cutest lil thing EVER!!!! I've also moved out of Hollywood and into the Valley. I'm officially a valley girl lol. Other then that I am working on putting my own porn site together and will be getting that up and running for you guys soon! I am also offering skype sessions and acesss to my snapchat. So you'll definitely be seeing more of me very soon.

I just want you guys to know I appreciate all the love support and loyalty! I swear I have some of the best supporters.


My obsession

This is a topic that I never really talk about but here goes.... Ever since I was 11yrs old I have been obsessed with this one guy. I guess you could say he was my first crush. He was 7 years older then me so nothing ever happened not to mention he is straight. Growing up I would see him at family events and I would always try to just be around him stare at him as he was so handsome. As I got older he would bring his girlfriends around and I would bring my boyfriends but I would always find myself going out of my way to have a conversation with him. It always took me a while to muster up the courage as the butterflies fluttered in my stomach and I would just be too nervous. Those small moments that we talked it felt as if it were just him and I. As I got older the admiration turned to lust and every time I would be around him it was hard to not try to flirt or stare and I would find myself avoiding him but wanting to be around him. He eventually got married and had kids now and I have an amazing boyfriend but the thought has always been there. What if I ever had a chance with him...... I know it's just a silly fantasy. Every now and then like last night I have a dream about him. It's all too real and throws me off. We are casually talking which turns into flirting. I express how much I've wanted nothing more then to make him mine. He kisses and embraces me and in that one moment I feel complete. Before I know it I am awake ..... Hot and bothered and it just throws off the rest of my day. I guess that's why I find myself writing about it. Something I couldn't shake. One day I'm sure this infatuation will fade but for now I will let it burn another day. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LA to the Bay

I had two great shoots with Kink last week for TSSeduction. Super excited to see them! Both guys were total yummy! I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of shooting again so thats good. After My shoot Tuesday night I took my friend Al around the city to show him a couple places and met some of my good friends and family. There was a great show at Divas with Alexis and Landa Lakes. Was good catching up with everyone. 

Sucks though that right after my shoot at kink there was a Moratorium….. I was looking forward to my other shoots but we will have to wait till it is lifted.

I'm getting ready for the Christmas which is never fun. Honestly I'd much rather take a nice long vacation until after new years but I didn't go home last year for the holidays so I'll go this year.

To All my San Francisco friends I will be back the 13th and 14th and will be performing at Divas For the Amazing miss Alexis Miranda's show! Show come show your girl some love and I hope to see you there. If not I want to wish everyone a very merry christmas.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tis the season!

I honestly hate this time of the year. I see all these people with their families happy and coming together for the holidays. It's really had because I have never really had a family. I am thankful though because I have an amazing group of friends that I consider to be my family. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am thankful first and foremost to God. Through him my life and every adventure I have had is all because of him. I am thankful for my friends and those few family members (you now who you are) who checked on me when my kidneys failed earlier this year.  They have kept me safe and sane while dealing with the death of my mother. I am also very thankful for all the producer who have welcomed me back into the industry with open arms. I have missed being on stage and in front of the camera. This has also opened other modeling opportunities and traveling opportunities. Most of all I am thankful for my loyal supporters. I just want to the the time to say THANK YOU for always keeping me encouraged and showing me all the love. I LOVE what I do and I hope that you guys love it too! 

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Hope that you guys are able to take the time and appreciate your friends, family, loved ones. This life is far too short so lets make the most of it!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FoX on the loose!

It's Official! Your girl is BACK and better then EVER! I recently did two solo scenes (Frank's Tgirls & Bob's Tgirls). I won't lie my first set I felt a bit rusty, since I haven't been in font of the camera for about a year. Thankfully…. Frank was patient with me and gave great direction. I have to say you guys are in for a treat!!!!! I did a holiday spread with Bob. So I hope you guys have been good because Honey Claus is checking her list twice.  I will also be returning to KINK….. I reached out to them and they are excited to have your girl back. I am really excited because I will be working with the heart throb Marcus Ruhl! Total porn crush right there. Ok enough spoiler alerts!!!!! You will have to wait and see what else I have in store for you! (Its EPIC)

Things on the home front have been rocky but I am glad to have a great support group. For those who follow me on Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram know that my mom recently committed suicide. It's still really fresh for me so I won't speak on it much. In happier news my boyfriend and I are going strong. Two years! My how time flies. Other then that life is the same ole same work mon-thurs 9-5. If you are ever out n about in Hollywood you can find me dancing or hanging out at one of the T Bars…..
Moday- Mj's ,Silverlake
Thursday- Club Cobra, North Hollywood
Friday- Club Tempo, (peanuts) Hollywood
Saturday Oxwood, Valley

Don't forget that when you see me dancing tipping is not a city in china lol
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Twitter: @HoneyFoXXX

Well thats' all for now…… Here are some pics from my recent adventures.