Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LA to the Bay

I had two great shoots with Kink last week for TSSeduction. Super excited to see them! Both guys were total yummy! I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of shooting again so thats good. After My shoot Tuesday night I took my friend Al around the city to show him a couple places and met some of my good friends and family. There was a great show at Divas with Alexis and Landa Lakes. Was good catching up with everyone. 

Sucks though that right after my shoot at kink there was a Moratorium….. I was looking forward to my other shoots but we will have to wait till it is lifted.

I'm getting ready for the Christmas which is never fun. Honestly I'd much rather take a nice long vacation until after new years but I didn't go home last year for the holidays so I'll go this year.

To All my San Francisco friends I will be back the 13th and 14th and will be performing at Divas For the Amazing miss Alexis Miranda's show! Show come show your girl some love and I hope to see you there. If not I want to wish everyone a very merry christmas.