Friday, January 29, 2016

AVN's and Friedships

 Hey Honey Bees!

So as you know I was at the AVNS last weekend and I was signing for the Shemale Strokers booth. It was AWESOME!!!! I loved meeting you guys and thank you for coming out. Unfortunately I didn't have any DVDs but strokers will be sending me some so if you're interested in a signed copy email me at I had a great time meeting Tyra Scott, Eva paradise, Jonelle brooks, Kylie Marie, jelly klaymour. They were so sweet and awesome to hangout at the booth with. I also got to catch up with friend who I only see a few times a year. We partied at Drais  and also I was Michelle Austin and Venus Lux threw some awesome after parties! My boyfriend drove in on Friday and my family came out to support me at Michelle's after party. 

Can I rant for a min now.

So I basically took on this charity case to Vegas. I drove down with Nadia vixen because she didn't have anywhere to stay or any money. I had booked my room at the last minute so I knew it wasn't going to be the Venetian but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was when we got there. When we checked in. I guess they had just had pest control come in the day before. There were roaches in the room and it was plenty disgusting. I tried to get a different room but everything was sold out or 300$ a night. Seeing as Nadia didn't have any money and I had already spent 300$ on the room I was gonna stick it out. The first thing Nadia does is hop on the phone crying to everyone about how I'm staying in a roach coach hotel and playing woe is me. That was strike number 1. The next day I wake up to her crying on the phone saying she is stuck in Vegas and doesn't have any money and how bad the hotel was..... Ughhhh so annoying!  Not how I wanted to start my day. So I give her 40$ as a good friend and went on about my day. That afternoon she comes to the booth needing the room key and seeing as they only gave us one I asked her to be available at 4 when my shift ended so I could go back to the room and relax and change. When my shift needed she was nowhere to be found. She wouldn't answer her phone or text.. Finally she call me back and her response was "it was only 40 mins". Strike 2. So that night we got into a big fight and her being bi polar or manic depressive , she freaked out on me for asking her why she did that. A simple question that she couldn't answer. She just gave me excuses and excuses and cried. Thankfully I only had one more day to deal with her next day she got up and left! I called her to check she made it home safe as a good friend should! Fast forward, we are back in LA I call to see how she is. She says she is still upset and that I was negative toward her and how it was my drinking that made me mad blaH blah blah. 

Moral of the story is I am so tired of my friendship being taken advantage of. I have learned that you can't be friends with people who are jealous of your success. Also once someone shows you their true colors that they are bat shit crazy......believe them. I have been a great friend. I've done 6/7 free photo sets for her and honestly Yasmine Lee and I are her only friends yet she would talk shit about me to her and tell me all about Yasmine. That's not a good friend. I told her  that she is basically gonna end up lonely and by herself in the end if she continues to treat people that way. Least to say this friendship is over. She burned that bridge. Thanks for letting me rant I had to get it off my mind and tell my side of the story as  I know she has been running her mouth. 

I love you Honey Bees 
Thanks for letting me rant!