Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FoX on the loose!

It's Official! Your girl is BACK and better then EVER! I recently did two solo scenes (Frank's Tgirls & Bob's Tgirls). I won't lie my first set I felt a bit rusty, since I haven't been in font of the camera for about a year. Thankfully…. Frank was patient with me and gave great direction. I have to say you guys are in for a treat!!!!! I did a holiday spread with Bob. So I hope you guys have been good because Honey Claus is checking her list twice.  I will also be returning to KINK….. I reached out to them and they are excited to have your girl back. I am really excited because I will be working with the heart throb Marcus Ruhl! Total porn crush right there. Ok enough spoiler alerts!!!!! You will have to wait and see what else I have in store for you! (Its EPIC)

Things on the home front have been rocky but I am glad to have a great support group. For those who follow me on Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram know that my mom recently committed suicide. It's still really fresh for me so I won't speak on it much. In happier news my boyfriend and I are going strong. Two years! My how time flies. Other then that life is the same ole same work mon-thurs 9-5. If you are ever out n about in Hollywood you can find me dancing or hanging out at one of the T Bars…..
Moday- Mj's ,Silverlake
Thursday- Club Cobra, North Hollywood
Friday- Club Tempo, (peanuts) Hollywood
Saturday Oxwood, Valley

Don't forget that when you see me dancing tipping is not a city in china lol
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Well thats' all for now…… Here are some pics from my recent adventures.


  1. Don't know what/how to say... you're simply heavenly wonderful ;)

  2. Welcome back Honey you are looking better than ever.. Its your homie Kilakali imu and hope to see you soon.... :)