Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keeping up with the FoXXX

Hey Dolls!
Thank you for being so patient with me. I know that I have not been giving you the attention that I should but I have been going through a rough time. Well  to pick up where I left off.... All the drama over the two boys came to a halt when my ex, who I left my Bruno Baby  continued to show his ass and  break my heart. We gave up on loving each other after many tears and long conversations and decided that it would be best to be friends. He moved back to Rhode Island and I haven't heard from him since. I was lucky to have Bruno take me back after putting him through 6 weeks of hell where I kept him a secret from my ex and cheated on him multiple times..... eeeek I know WTF was I thinking? Well I wasn't. I was being selfish and we both paid the price. Being the amazing guy that Bruno is, he took me back and we were happy and on the right track......

  In early / mid October I found out that my grandmother had fallen and broke her back... I immediately took off work and went to be by her side. I love this woman more then words could describe... She was like a mother to me . She raised my sisters and I. she was also the glue holding the rest of my dysfunctional biological family together. But it was more then that. My grandmother was really one of the few people who really understood me. We look a like, we had the same curly hair, same stubborn attitude, same smile and was the inspiration of Honey. She was my HEART. Soooo I was with her everyday in the hospital where she was refusing to eat or drink.... she told me she was tired and that's what she meant. I stayed by her side everyday until she went into a coma... A few days later my grandmother passed away. I felt as if my heart dropped to my stomach. My whole world was caving in. I pulled myself together as I needed to be strong and celebrate the amazing life that she lived. The day after she passed I went and got her name tattooed on my wrist with her birth date and her passing day. She is a constant reminder of the person I wish to be and she will forever be in my heart.

As I was coping with that, Halloween was soon approaching so my girlfriends saw that as an opportunity to cheer me up. So I went with my sister Bionka and got my costume. I attended the Divas party and then paraded around in the Castro with my girlfriends Marcelle and Bree. We had an awesome night and looked AMAZING. Did I mention I got to go VIP with a SF 49 player...... Yeaaaa Buddy that is until I told him I was a tranny.... Whaaaa whaaa waaaaaa!


 So after halloween I was still in a mad depression but was slowly coming around. I decided it would be a good idea to take a vacation. Bruno Baby and I took a trip to Monterey. Amazing trip which included amazing steak dinners, private beach picnics, and going to see Eric Blake perform live. Things weren't so great when we got back home though but I will talk about that later. But it was also Thanksgiving which meant it was time to bring Bruno baby around to the family. So My parents made and AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner which I was super impressed. They kept it intimate, there were only my dads, two brothers, and Bruno and I. We had a great time! However things with Bruno and I were going south.

  Perfect timing because my Role dog, ACE Boon Coon, the Thelma to  my Luis, My BFF Dominique came back to San Francisco. YAAAAAAY! I was so happy. I finally had my partner in crime back. Dominique and I have been friends for years now.... Through thick and thin we have stuck by each others side. Everything was finally looking up until one night everything went BOOOOOOOM

  (Dazed and confused) Me: "What did you just say?" Bruno: "Honey you know I'm no good for you. I feel me bad that I don't treat you good. You deserve someone who you are not a secret to." Me: (teary eyed Dazed and confused) "Are you breaking up with me?".......... So there it is. I got dumped! So I said fuck it! I hung out in SF for a few days after the break up, then said I wanna have some fun so I took a trip to LA.

LA is always fun for me. It's Home! It's also where I always get myself into trouble. So I ended up driving down with my Friend Andy and BFF Dominique. We had a smooth ride and everything was good! While in LA I got to see my little brother Mikey and catch up with my god Mama Ms Mocha. I also Had the opportunity to shoot with my FAV Buddy Wood for Shemale Porn Star with Rico Steele. I had a great time in LA!

Now I have been back in SF for about a week and just enjoying the single life. I have been hanging out with friends. I did a photo shoot today with photographer Curly Spencer. I have really just been making the most of my time here until Christmas..... Well that's all for me Dolls! I know I have been slacking but I am BACK and will keep you posted more regularly.

Sending Lots of LOVE out to all my fans, Fam Bam, friends, and haters.

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