Friday, August 12, 2011

Catching Up

The last few months have been so hectic and exciting. I am glad to finally have some time to sit and meditate on all the recent events. I have been caught up with traveling and touring which has been an amazing adventure. I recently visited Boston, which was a beautiful trip. I had the pleasure of spending time with a very fun playmate Jo AKA Strap On Jo  and meeting a few new friends while there.  I got to explore Cambridge, and went into downtown Boston to see Horrible Bosses. FUNNY FUNNY movie, it is a must see. I also stayed in Saugus where I got to do some great shopping at Square 1 mall. After visiting Boston I spent time I LA casting a music video shoot and catching up with and friends.  Now I am spending the rest of this month in San Francisco at home relaxing and preparing for the coming months.  A new project that I am working on is teenage cyber bullying. I will be starting a site dedicated preventing cyber bullying as it a growing trend. I'm very excited and motivated, pushing myself to be the difference that I want to see in this world. Well I will definitely keep you posted and I will also be posting my coming tour dates and locations. For daily updates check out my twitter


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