Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Up!

The last few days that I have spent in La have been awesome! I attended the Blue Moon nightclub in North Hollywood with my sister Ms Mocha and had a ball! Here are some pictures in case you missed out n the fun.

While in LA I also had the opportunity to shoot for SMC (Shemale Club) and had an amazing shoot with Nick. The shoot turned out amazing and here are a few teaser pics for you to enjoy.

However the reason that I had originally come to LA was because out beloved friend and a sister to me Ja Mocha Moet Samone was terminally ill and wouldn't make it through the week. We stayed there through her transition to the next life and on March 22nd 2011, our heavenly father took her home! May she rest in peace as she will truly be missed!

Before coming to Los Angeles I had been at home relaxing and taking a break from working so much. I had a couple projects that need to be finished up so I was tending to that. However just a few weeks before I was back in LA where I was also at the Blue Moon With my sister Ms Mocha and Alexis as well as some well known faces such as Sheeba Star, Yasmine Lee, Mandy Mitchelle, Jenna Rachels and we had a great time! We dance the night away and let the paparazzi do the rest!

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  1. So sorry about Ja Mocha's passing. I'm sure it was a great comfort and blessing for her having you with her at the end. You are a true friend. Besos, DH